5 Available players Lakers should trade up for in second round of 2024 NBA Draft

Somehow, some of the best prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft are still on the board after Round 1. Who should the Los Angeles Lakers consider trading up for?
Duke v NC State
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Kyle Filipowski, Duke Blue Devils

Easily the most shocking omission from the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft, Kyle Filipowski seems tailor-made for the modern era. He's a creative and dynamic offensive playmaker who can operate from the 4 or 5 spots in unconventional manners.

When all else fails, Filipowski has showcased the potential to become one of the best post players to emerge from this class—and he has the strength to score early in his career.

With a vastly improved outside shot and the ability to create for himself and others, Filipowski is the modern offensive big in every way. He improved from a mark of 28.2 percent from beyond the arc in 2022-23, for instance, to 34.8 percent in 2023-24.

When his jumper wasn't falling, Filipowski has shown the ability to back opponents down and finish over either shoulder, as well as take them off the bounce for straight-line finishes.

With the Los Angeles Lakers, Filipowski would be able to step in alongside one of the best defensive bigs in the NBA in Anthony Davis. That could help cover up some of his early flaws and enable him to focus on continuing his development on the offensive end of the floor.

If there's only one player worth trading up for in the second round of the 2024 NBA Draft, it's hard to think of anyone ahead of Filipowski.