5 Available players Lakers should trade up for in second round of 2024 NBA Draft

Somehow, some of the best prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft are still on the board after Round 1. Who should the Los Angeles Lakers consider trading up for?
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Tyler Kolek, Marquette Golden Eagles

The Marquette Golden Eagles reached the Sweet 16 of the 2024 NCAA Tournament, marking their deepest run in 11 years. Leading the charge was point guard Tyler Kolek, whose intensity and court vision became a trademark of both Marquette and the tournament itself.

Kolek fell beyond the first round because he's a 23-year-old point guard who lacks ideal size for the NBA, but there's significant potential to explore with this pick.

Kolek is arguably the best passer in the 2024 NBA Draft. He finished the 2023-24 season ranked No. 1 in the country in assists per game. He did so with an assist-to-turnover ratio of 2.69 and a consistent outside shot.

In addition to being an elite facilitator, Kolek shot 38.8 percent or better from beyond the arc in each of his past two seasons at the NCAA level.

It's also worth noting that Kolek makes up for his lack of elite size and length by playing a physical and intense style. His defensive capabilities are at least noteworthy due to the fact that he's willing to compete and make creating difficult for opposing offensive players.

Considering the Los Angeles Lakers are devoid of depth at the point guard position, it would be worth moving up to take a chance on Kolek filling a significant void in the second round.