5 Available players Lakers should trade up for in second round of 2024 NBA Draft

Somehow, some of the best prospects in the 2024 NBA Draft are still on the board after Round 1. Who should the Los Angeles Lakers consider trading up for?
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Cam Spencer, Connecticut Huskies

Similar to other players on this list, Cam Spencer is a second-round draft pick because of concerns about his age and his size. He's a 24-year-old incoming rookie who stands at 6'3" with a 6'5" wingspan without the definitive point guard skills to translate directly to the position.

True as that may be, Spencer is also the arguable best shooter in the 2024 NBA Draft and a player whose experience in a complex motion offense lends itself to a successful professional career.

Spencer may not be a true point guard, but he has shot-creation skills, as well as the willingness and ability to facilitate. He's also the epitome of a lights-out shooter with a career mark of 41.7 percent from beyond the arc across five collegiate seasons.

That projects to make Spencer an ideal fit in a JJ Redick offense that hopes to place a greater emphasis on shooting and playmaking versatility.

It's also worth noting that Spencer comes from a Connecticut Huskies team that runs a system that suits the NBA. Multiple playmakers are trusted to create for themselves and their teammates, shooting is all but an expected skill, and defense is a requirement rather than a request.

If the Lakers are able to trade up for Spencer, then they should make this pick without any remorse whatsoever. Spencer can make an impact from the opening tip.