5 Lakers who are expendable, 2 who LA can't afford to trade

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Lakers can afford to trade Max Christie

Max Christie was circled by many Los Angeles Lakers fans as someone who would break out in his sophomore season. Christie, who spent most of the season playing for the South Bay Lakers, really showed some development in the 2023 Summer League as well as the preseason for the purple and gold.

With no true backup shooting guard, it appeared that the Lakers were going to give Christie a solidified role in the rotation to start the year. Much to the surprise of fans, though, Christie was absent from the rotation when the season started in favor of Cam Reddish.

Christie got playing time when Reddish was hurt and had a great game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. But it is clear that his role is only for depth and that at full strength, he is on the outside looking in.

If Christie is not playing much in the regular season then he won't play at all in the playoffs. If that is the case, with Christie being a free agent after the season, the Lakers shouldn't hesitate to trade him if another team is interested.

Outright shopping Christie won't accomplish anything but he could still be a nice addition to a trade package to sweeten the deal.