5 Lakers whose futures are up in the air this offseason

Several Lakers players will have an uncertain future with the team going into the summer.
Cam Reddish, Los Angeles Lakers
Cam Reddish, Los Angeles Lakers / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
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Cam Reddish

One of the most interesting and meme'd names among NBA role players for years has been Cam Reddish. Entering the league in 2019, he was a lottery pick with a considerable amount of upside as a crafty scorer that possessed significant athletic ability.

But over the course of his five-year career, Reddish has essentially been one giant hypothetical. He has never seemed to pan out quite the way initially envisioned when he was drafted 10th overall by the Atlanta Hawks. As he bounced around from the Knicks to the Trail Blazers, it always seemed his potential had yet to be truly tapped.

So when the Lakers signed him last July, he was seen as more of a reclamation project than anything else. After one season, Cam showed he can bring value to this team as a strong individual and team defender, but he still struggles at the other end of the floor. Reddish shot just 38% from the field in 48 games as a Laker this year.

Heading into the second of his two-year contract, Cam will have a player option worth $2.4 million he can exercise for next season. He may be able to find a better opportunity elsewhere, but it is unclear how much interest he will draw around the league.