5 Players who benefit most from Lakers hiring head coach JJ Redick

The Los Angeles Lakers are taking a chance on head coach JJ Redick. Which players stand to benefit the most from this decision?
Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans - Play-In Tournament
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The Los Angeles Lakers have invested in the upside of first-time head coach JJ Redick. It's a risky decision that has been met with a divided response, but there are some who stand to benefit in the immediate aftermath of the hiring.

As Redick begins to outline how pieces fit in the Lakers' convoluted puzzle, there's even a strong possibility that the star-centric nature of the team's strategy could evolve.

Redick reportedly told general manager Rob Pelinka that he envisions the Lakers running a system that takes pressure off of LeBron James during the regular season. As James approaches 40 years of age, it's a sensible strategy that could yield significant results.

According to Shams Charania, Sam Amick, and Jovan Buha of The Athletic, the manner in which Redick plans to make the game easier for James is to highlight other playmakers.

"He explained his decision-making process when it comes to strategy, how the analysis and empirical evidence would always guide his choices rather than preconceived notions or outdated beliefs. Redick described a system molded around this roster, focusing on elevating Anthony Davis’ involvement, particularly late in games, and alleviating the constant ballhandling duties on James by utilizing him more off the ball."

The Lakers will be faced with challenges in executing that gameplan, but the personnel exists to execute an offensive overhaul.

It's also worth noting that Redick is on record stating that the Lakers made a mistake in moving away from surrounding Anthony Davis and James with 3-and-D specialists. It's yet another piece of information that could indicate how the new coach's rotation could take shape.

The question is: Which Lakers players stand to benefit most from the hiring of Redick as head coach?

Max Christie

One of the more intriguing rumors to come out of the JJ Redick hiring saga was the revelation that the development of Max Christie has been prioritized by the Lakers. The 21-year-old was drafted by Los Angeles, but his playing time bordered on nonexistent at times under Darvin Ham.

As Redick looks to build a rotation with 3-and-D specialists who complement Davis and James, it's easy to see why developing Christie is finally a priority.

Christie entered the NBA with an intriguing combination of physical attributes and three-point shooting range. The former five-star recruit stands at 6'5" with a near 6'9" wingspan, thus giving him the size and length to defend multiple positions.

Opportunities have been scarce, but he's also proven himself as a shooter by converting 37.8 percent of his 180 three-point field goal attempts through two seasons.

Under Redick, it stands to reason that Christie will receive the opportunity to secure a more consistent role in the rotation. That, of course, depends on whether or not he re-signs in free agency, but the Lakers reserve the right to match any offer he receives.

if Christie is back in Los Angeles next season, then Redick could help him finally emerge as the 3-and-D specialist the team desperately needs.