5 Players who benefit most from Lakers hiring head coach JJ Redick

The Los Angeles Lakers are taking a chance on head coach JJ Redick. Which players stand to benefit the most from this decision?
Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans - Play-In Tournament
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Anthony Davis

All eyes are on LeBron James, but perhaps the most significant aspect of the rumored vision that JJ Redick has for the Los Angeles Lakers is how Anthony Davis will be utilized. Per the aforementioned report, Redick's focus is on increasing Davis' involvement on offense.

Coming off of a season in which he averaged 24.7 points per game on 55.6 percent shooting from the field, it's hard to argue against the idea of seeing what more Davis can do.

Davis is already one of the most prolific postseason scorers in NBA history. His career average of 26.1 points per game in an ample sample size of 60 appearances ranks 16th all-time, and he's accomplished that with two runs to the Conference Finals or further.

Davis already has three 40-point games in the playoffs, 23 outings in which he's scored at least 30 points, and 39 with 25-plus.

In terms of how he gets the job done, Davis has the ability to get inside and score with an array of moves and finishes. He ranked fourth in the NBA in points in the paint, as well as first in second-chance points, during the 2023-24 season, and has shown flashes of a skill set that can hurt teams at all three levels.

With Redick focusing on bringing the best out of Davis, the Lakers' franchise player may be empowered to earn a sixth All-NBA nod and a fifth appearance on the All-NBA First Team.