5 Playmakers in 2024 NBA Draft who would fit rumored JJ Redick vision for Lakers

The 2024 NBA Draft has an intriguing list of playmakers. Some would fit the rumored vision of Los Angeles Lakers head coach JJ Redick to perfection.
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2. Kyle Filipowski, PF/C, Duke Blue Devils

Finding playmakers doesn't necessarily mean unearthing prospects who can take the ball up the court and run plays from above the three-point line. In the case of Kyle Filipowski, it might actually mean adapting to modern times.

Anthony Davis is already a capable playmaker down low, but Kyle Filipowski would take pressure off of him and add a new wrinkle to the way the Lakers run plays.

Filipowski finished his sophomore season with the Duke Blue Devils averaging 2.8 assists per game. That only scratches the surface of what he's capable of, as the 20-year-old projects to be able to operate from the high post in a Kelly Olynyk or Mason Plumlee type of role.

This would help the Lakers unlock a new area of their offense, especially when Davis is off the court and the playmaking burden typically falls completely to LeBron James.

Filipowski is also a player who can create his own offense. He's comfortable going to the post, is capable of attacking closeouts, and is a vastly improved shooter who can both space the floor and occasionally attack off the bounce.

Point guards are typically viewed as playmakers, but in an era led by Nikola Jokic, having a big man who can create for others and attack off the bounce qualifies just as well.