5 Playmakers in 2024 NBA Draft who would fit rumored JJ Redick vision for Lakers

The 2024 NBA Draft has an intriguing list of playmakers. Some would fit the rumored vision of Los Angeles Lakers head coach JJ Redick to perfection.
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5. Cam Spencer, G, Connecticut Huskies

The first round will present the Los Angeles Lakers with a more high-profile opportunity to make a splash, but don't write off the second round. With a primary goal of improving in the playmaker department, that puts Connecticut Huskies combo guard Cam Spencer on the radar.

Though not a traditional point guard, Spencer is a player who has the tools to play either on or off the ball, thus creating a versatile brand of playmaking ability.

Spencer may be the best three-point shooter in this draft class. He shot 43.4 percent or better from beyond the arc in three of his four full collegiate seasons, draining 35.3 percent of his triples coming off of a season in which he suffered a serious hip injury in the lone exception.

This past year, Spencer hit 44.0 percent of his 225 three-point field goal attempts while helping Connecticut win the National Championship.

In addition to being an elite shooter who can work without the ball and create offense in that manner, Spencer is a proficient passer. He averaged upwards of 3.0 assists per game in all of his NCAA seasons, and has experience initiating and executing a complex motion offense at UConn.

Another unconventional playmaker on the list, but that's exactly what great teams look for when attempting to get a leg up on the competition.