5 Sleepers the Lakers should take a chance on at No. 17 in 2024 NBA Draft

With the No. 17 selection in the 2024 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers need to find the perfect fit. The sleepers of the class may be the ideal targets.
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2. DaRon Holmes II, Center

Some might see this as a rather extreme reach at No. 17, as DaRon Holmes II is a projected second-round draft pick. In saying that, Holmes has the tools to be the perfect fit alongside Anthony Davis as a player whose upside is as compelling as his potential immediate value.

Standing at just under 6'9" without shoes and boasting a 236-pound frame and 7'1" wingspan, Holmes has the physical tools to thrive as a modern 5 with the potential to add more weight and compete with the more traditional scoring bigs.

Holmes improved across each of his three seasons with the Dayton Flyers. His three-point field goal percentage, for instance, increased from 14.6 percent on seven attempts as a freshman to 38.6 percent on 83 shots as a junior.

Holmes' free throw shooting improved in kind, as he went from 58.6 percent in his first season to 71.3 percent in his third.

In addition to adapting to the need to shoot effectively in the modern NBA, Holmes is a force on the offensive glass, a high-level shot-blocker, and a vastly improved passer. He averaged 2.1 blocks per game for his career, as well as 2.0 offensive rebounds, and dished out a career-high 2.6 assists per contest in 2023-24.

Holmes might be more of a dream fit at No. 55, but with the ability to score from multiple angles, put the ball on the floor, crash the offensive glass, and defend, he could be a great complement to Davis.