5 teams that could steal D'Angelo Russell away from Lakers this offseason

D'Angelo Russell has a player option that enables him to potentially leave the Los Angeles Lakers. Which teams might swoop in and steal Russell?
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4. San Antonio Spurs

It's hardly a secret that the San Antonio Spurs need a point guard who can get the ball to Victor Wembanyama. Debates are raging about whether it should be the NBA Draft or free agency through which that mission is accomplished, but the bottom line is that help is needed.

One of the viable options for the Spurs this offseason is to pursue D'Angelo Russell in free agency and address two critical flaws in one fell swoop.

Russell, a more than competent facilitator, would instantly help the Spurs create easier offense for Wembanyama. That becomes even more intriguing when one considers his experience distributing to All-Star big men such as Jarrett Allen, Anthony Davis, and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Each of those players excelled individually while playing alongside Russell, which is a promising sign for what Wembanyama could do in similar circumstances.

The second key skill is a matter of efficiency above all else. San Antonio ranked 16th in three-point field goals made per game this past season, but finished 28th in three-point field goal percentage—a product of the need for a consistent facilitator and true knockdown shooters.

Considering Russell qualifies as both, his presence with the Spurs could help bridge the gap between style of play and the necessary personnel.

Should Russell opt in, the Los Angeles Lakers could potentially explore a swap for Keldon Johnson in an offseason trade.