5 Upside picks the Lakers should take a chance on at No. 17 in 2024 NBA Draft

The Los Angeles Lakers have the No. 17 overall selection in the 2024 NBA draft. Finding a player with short-term value makes sense, but there are long-term projects with upside to consider.
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Kyshawn George, G/F, Miami Hurricanes

If upside is the conversation, then there may not be a player with more of it than Kyshawn George. At 6'7" and 209 pounds with a 6'10.25" wingspan, the Miami Hurricanes standout is the protoypical wing from a measurements perspective.

A decent amount of work would need to go into helping George become the player he's capable of being, but there's ample reason to believe that he would be a project worth investing in.

The Swiss swingman showcased his ability to do a little bit of everything during his freshman season with the Miami Hurricanes. Averaging 23.0 minutes per game, his statistics translated to 13.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 1.5 steals., and 3.0 three-point field goals made per 40 minutes.

Considering he knocked down 40.8 percent of his three-point field goals, it's clear to see why George is regarded as a player who could become a full-time starter at the next level.

While he certainly stands to improve in some respects, there isn't an area of the game in which George isn't at least viable from an early development perspective. He has the ceiling of a marksman from beyond the arc, is comfortable creating for others, has significant defensive capabilities, and is a respectable straight-line finisher.

George needs to get more comfortable with physicality on the druve, but at 20, there's already a lot to work with and potentially develop.