Arenas' stance on LeBron, Lakers may be his first correct take since retiring

Gilbert Arenas may have finally gotten it right with his latest take on LeBron.

LeBron James, Michael Porter Jr., Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James, Michael Porter Jr., Los Angeles Lakers / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

When it comes to controversial takes on the NBA and basketball in general, Gilbert Arenas is someone that frequently pops up in news cycles. Since he stepped away from playing professional basketball in 2013, Gilbert has routinely been giving his input on a variety of trending basketball topics. So it is no surprise that he recently shared his thoughts on LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Since arriving in LA in the summer of 2018, LeBron has obviously been the face of the franchise. He is the primary reason Anthony Davis joined the team the following year, as well as the biggest reason the Lakers took home the championship in 2020. But according to Arenas, James has not done enough to be put next to other Lakers greats in one particular facet.

Gilbert recently stated that he does not believe LeBron should be given a statue with the Lakers because "he don't have enough accolades in the Laker uniform." While this may come across as a disrespectful statement to many, I actually believe Arenas hits the nail on the head here.

Gilbert Arenas says LeBron James does not deserve a statue with the Lakers

Saying that LeBron is undeserving of a Lakers statue is not a knock on his career accomplishments. By all accounts, James is one of the best to ever play the game of basketball. But earning a statue with an organization is about what you did while wearing that team's uniform, and that seems to be what Gilbert is arguing.

While LeBron has won a championship and taken home a Finals MVP while wearing the purple and gold, his overall accolades in LA still pale in comparison to those of Magic Johnson and Kobe Bryant, both of which have been honored by the Lakers with statues. Much of LeBron's relatively miniscule Lakers trophy case is due to him joining the franchise at a much older age than other team legends.

As a result, the case for him earning a statue becomes a bit weaker. James may very well be the best player to ever don a Lakers uniform, but it does not mean he is the greatest Laker of all time. A good comparison would be Kawhi Leonard, who is one of the best players to ever put on a Toronto Raptors jersey, but he is far from the greatest Raptor of all time.

Gilbert Arenas has been good for plenty of questionable takes and statements since retiring from playing basketball. But here, he actually has the right idea. LeBron getting a statue in Cleveland is inevitable, but achieving that feat in Los Angeles is unquestionably more difficult.