Darvin Ham's delusional post-game comments enrage Lakers fans

Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers
Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

After almost blowing the game and narrowly defeating them on Wednesday, the Los Angeles Lakers lost Friday's rematch against the San Antonio Spurs in convincing fashion, 129-115. San Antonio jumped out to a huge lead after yet another slow Lakers start and rode that to the team's first victory in six weeks.

While the Spurs have a generational rookie on the roster, it is never good to lose to a team that has dropped 18 games in a row. Between Wednesday's fourth quarter and Friday's game, Lakers fans are not feeling great about the efforts of the team.

There were some excuses to be had on Friday night as the Lakers were down three starters, including Anthony Davis. LeBron James may have returned but not having three starters next to him had an obvious impact on the beginning of the game. But still, this team is more than talented enough to beat the Spurs when LeBron is playing.

To make matters worse, Darvin Ham decided to enrage fans some more with his post-game comments. Ham blamed the injuries for the team's loss, which is somewhat fair, but that was not the enraging part of the quote. Instead, Ham had the audacity to say that the team "couldn't control health" and that the Lakers would get better when they get healthy.

Darvin Ham's delusional post-game comments enrage Lakers fans

On the surface, Ham is correct. Injuries can be the flukiest things in sports that can derail entire seasons. Nobody has a crystal ball that can fully prevent injuries and at some point, you are at the mercy of sports luck.

But there definitely are measures that the team can take in order to secure the health of the players on the roster. This is even more important when you factor in one of the two stars is in his 21st season and the other is one of the most injury-prone players in the league.

But alas, Ham has not handled LeBron or Davis. It looked like LeBron was going to have a lighter load this season after he played 29 games on Opening Night and Ham called that the status quo. That quickly went out the window and LeBron has averaged 33.7 minutes per game and has only missed two games.

Then there is Davis, who admitted to the media that his hip/groin injury was still bothering him during the In-Season Tournament and in the team's first game after the tourney against the Mavericks. But his playing time remained the same, and on Friday, he missed the game with an ankle injury.

In the long run, losing this game against the Spurs might not matter and it is probably a good thing that both LeBron and Davis were able to sit one of the two games. But Ham needs to drop the idea that you cannot control health. Sure, there is some luck involved, but he definitely can put his team (and his star players) in a much better position to be lucky.

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