Each Lakers player that can officially be traded on December 15

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December 15 is a big date on the NBA calendar. As of December 15, teams can now trade players that they signed over the summer as free agents. For a team like the Los Angeles Lakers, this date opens many doors for future roster moves.

The Lakers made plenty of changes over the summer and that resulted in several free agents being signed. While the Lakers do not need to rush into making a trade, the team now has the ability to actually trade some of its most movable assets.

Which Lakers players can be traded as of December 15?

In total, there are six players that the Lakers can officially trade as of December 15. All of these players signed new deals with the Lakers over the summer. One is a returning player, while five are fresh faces that just signed in LA.

  • D'Angelo Russell
  • Gabe Vincent
  • Taurean Prince
  • Christian Wood
  • Jaxson Hayes
  • Cam Reddish

D'Angelo Russell is the most likely player to be traded on this list. The Lakers are reportedly actively shopping Russell already before the December 15 deadline even hits. Because of his salary and the fact that he fits point guard-hungry teams, Russell is not the most immovable player on the roster.

Then there is the tier below Russell. That tier consists of Vincent, Prince, Wood, and Hayes. All of these players could be thrown into a trade for salary reasons and should not sign a long-term lease on their place in Los Angeles. They won't be outright shopped, but they could be moved.

Cam Reddish is probably the only player safe on this list. Reddish signed a minimum deal and has been very impactful this season for the purple and gold. It wouldn't make much sense at all for the Lakers to trade him as part of a bigger deal.

Which Lakers players still have trade restrictions?

December 15 is not the only date that is important when it comes to trading players. January 15 is another important date and it applies directly to two players on the Lakers roster.

Rui Hachimura and Austin Reaves cannot be traded until January 15 because they were restricted free agents who were re-signed with Bird Rights. This does not matter much for Reaves, who won't be traded, but it does have a big impact on Hachimura (and Russell).

A Hachimura/Russell package has been floated out more than any other potential trade this season. While Russell is free to be traded as of December 15, he likely won't be moved until Hachimura is also available to be traded in January.

Jarred Vanderbilt also has trade restrictions because of the extension he signed before the 2023-24 season. However, Vanderbilt's restriction does not end until after the 2024 trade deadline, meaning that he cannot be traded during the season.

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