Fellow Klutch client has prediction on LeBron's fate with the Lakers

Another athlete from LeBron's sports agency shared their opinion on whether he will remain in LA.
LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers
LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

With the Los Angeles Lakers' season over, there is much for the organization to consider in the coming days. Management is reported to be meeting with Darvin Ham on Wednesday to discuss his future as Head Coach, while exit interviews with each player on the roster will also be taking place.

But of course, many are eagerly waiting to hear what decision LeBron James will be making in terms of his future with the Lakers. After finishing his 21st season in the NBA, LeBron will no doubt be weighing many factors and taking time to consider everything before making a public announcement on his future.

It is unlikely James will make any big decisions about his next move anytime soon. So in the meantime, we are all left to speculate based on the circumstances we know about. One notable figure who threw their prediction in the ring recently is LeBron's fellow Klutch Sports client, Draymond Green.

Appearing on his own podcast, Draymond gave some quick thoughts on what he thinks will ultimately happen with LeBron this summer. "Ultimately," said Draymond, "I don't quite see him leaving LA."

The fact of the matter is, Draymond could be basing this off of anything. Perhaps he has spoken with LeBron, but it feels more likely that even LeBron himself does not know his answer, and Green is just taking an educated guess.

Draymond does not think LeBron will leave the Lakers

Draymond prefaces his prediction with a big picture view of the Lakers' situation. "I think the Lakers, they really got to decide what it is they want to do," said Green. "Are you comfortable going into next season with pretty much the same supporting cast that you have? If LeBron decides to leave, what do you do then? ... I think there's a lot of uncertainty coming out of that organization."

These are certainly worthy questions, especially when you consider that the last six seasons for the Lakers have been firmly structured around LeBron, working hard to align his goals with the franchise's goals. If James opts to head elsewhere, LA's management would have to take a hard look at what they have and consider if they can make another playoff run without number 23. If not, they could blow it all up and go into a total rebuild.

One of the key motivators for LeBron relocating would certainly be the appeal of playing alongside his son Bronny. It is something he has stated would be a dream of his, and the willingness of the Lakers to make that scenario a reality in Los Angeles or not will definitely be a big determining factor in James' desire to stay with the organization.

As for the idea that it is a guarantee LeBron comes back to the Lakers for another season, Draymond is not totally sold. "I don't know that it's a foregone conclusion," he said. "I think if there was something that came about that was interesting, I think he'd look at it."

Based on all the information we currently have, one thing feels certain. If the Lakers want LeBron back in the Purple and Gold next year, they will not be able to simply sit on their hands and expect him to blindly return. A convincing argument will have to be made, and whether the team can present that argument will be the question of the offseason.