3 former Lakers failing miserably with their new teams in 2023

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Thomas Bryant, Miami Heat

Thomas Bryant's second tenure with the Los Angeles Lakers did not exactly go as planned. Bryant legitimately had great moments with the Washington Wizards after his first stint with the Lakers organization and it looked like Rob Pelinka finally found a center that could end the carousel.

Unfortunately, that was not the case as the revolving door at the center position continued. Bryant did not play all that well in Los Angeles and was traded at the deadline to the Denver Nuggets. Bryant reportedly wanted a bigger role, so the Lakers traded him to a team that hardly played him. At least he got a ring out of it.

The lasting memory of Bryant in the purple and gold was him hilariously calling for the basketball on LeBron James' record-setting shot when he passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the all-time scoring list.

Bryant found the perfect team this summer as he signed a one-year deal with the Miami Heat. If any team would maximize Bryant and help him realize his potential it is the Heat. That has not been the case, though, as Bryant has been disappointing in the small role he has played.

The former second-round pick is averaging 5.3 points and 3.8 rebounds in 13.5 minutes per game. He has not hit a single three-pointer this season (after shooting 44.1% from three last season) and has a BPM of -5.2. There are 53 centers who have played 150 minutes this season. Bryant has the worst BPM of them all.