4 forwards the Lakers could trade for to replace Jarred Vanderbilt

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4. Danilo Gallinari

Danilo Gallinari was recently traded from the Washington Wizards to the Detroit Pistons in what served as a salary dump for Detroit. Washington took back former second-overall pick James Wiseman in the deal to give Detroit cap space this offseason that the team will probably screw up yet again.

Gallinari is on an expiring contract and there is a world in which his agent could work out a buyout for the veteran forward. However, the Pistons are going to do whatever they can to trade Gallinari before the deadline to get something out of him.

Gallinari's salary is small so the Lakers could get a deal done with Maxwell Lewis, a minimum contract, and a future second-round pick. Taking the gamble on Gallinari is worth it for that price, especially with all of his experience in the league.

Gallinari couldn't be more unlike Vanderbilt as he is not this defensive gem in the slightest. Instead, he is a lengthy, veteran wing who can knock down shots as an off-ball option. His shooting has not been great this season but he has been hot since joining Detroit, so there is some hope.

There is potential for Gallinari to be someone who can step up and produce 15 quality minutes off the bench for the purple and gold.

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