Grade the trade pitch: Lakers add sharpshooter from Brooklyn Nets fire sale

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to the Brooklyn Nets in trade rumors. The question is: What might a trade look like and how could it potentially help?
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The Grade

On paper, this is a home-run move for the Los Angeles Lakers. Cameron Johnson is a tall sharpshooter who would add instant value on offense, while the trio of Jalen Hood-Schifino, Jarred Vanderbilt, and Gabe Vincent hardly played in 2023-24.

The reason this potential trade receives a lower grade than it potentially could've, however, is simple: Johnson's contract and injury history.

Johnson is owed $68,820,652 over the course of the next three seasons. In the event that his recent injury woes persist, that would be a massive contract to take on without seeing consistent on-court rewards for the investment.

As such, while the trade itself is an A on paper, the grade takes a necessary hit, even if only based on how significant the injury concerns are.

Cameron Johnson to the Lakers. Cameron Johnson to the Lakers. B. .

In a perfect world, Johnson stays healthy and his value is well worth the cost of his contract. In a more realistic world, injury concerns exist and one can fairly question if Brooklyn would actually accept this trade for a player it once valued—and, for that matter, may still value.

There are serious concerns and significant rewards, bringing the grade to a steady B when weighing each of the significant factors.