3 Grizzlies the Lakers should trade for after Ja Morant's season-ending injury

Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers
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2. Luke Kennard

Luke Kennard is the most likely player to get traded by the Grizzlies after the Morant injury as he is the player that teams are going to be going after the most. Kennard makes the most sense as a plug-in addition at the deadline for a myriad of contending teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers.

That is because Kennard does what every contending team needs. He can knock down three-point shots at a consistent clip and can play serviceable perimeter defense. Kennard is by no means an elite defensive player, but he can hold his own as a two-guard while giving the Lakers what they need in floor spacing.

Kennard's contract is also super obtainable, which plays a key role in these trade discussions. If Kennard was making $25 million a year then he would not be an intriguing trade target. At $14.7 million with a club option for the same price next season, Kennard is at the perfect number.

As far as trade packages go, the Lakers can go in a myriad of directions. The team could include D'Angelo Russell, who can get minutes alongside Marcus Smart in Memphis while Morant is out. The likely price for Kennard would be Russell, Max Christie, and a pair of second-round picks.

Or the Lakers could package several players to get to the price point. The team could theoretically package Taurean Prince, Jalen Hood-Schifino and Jaxson Hayes to make the money work. That package may take three second-round picks.

Perhaps the best package, though, would be Russell, Hood-Schifino and a second-round pick for Rose and Kennard. That trade makes sense financially and makes a lot of sense for both teams.