Ham's unserious postgame excuse rightfully has Lakers fans livid

Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz
Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz / Alex Goodlett/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers went into the All-Star break on a roll, as they won three consecutive games prior to All-Star weekend. The Lakers figured to use the break to their advantage, allowing themselves to get healthy and well-rested.

On Thursday, they returned to regular season play, facing the Golden State Warriors on primetime TV. The result wasn't pretty, as the team got molly-whopped and found themselves down double-figures at halftime.

The Warriors continued to increase their lead over the LeBron James less crew and won 128-110. After the game, an interesting nugget was revealed regarding Anthony Davis's health, as the Lakers made him unavailable to the media, citing a loss of voice.

Darvin Ham's latest excuse is inexcusable.

Lakers coach Darvin Ham made a rather odd revelation in the post-game interview, stating that Davis's voice issue had a bearing on the Lakers' overall defensive effort against the Warriors, which is quite the claim.

Lakers fans weren't having this excuse and they rightfully baptized him on Twitter, or X, or whatever you want to call it. (I'm just not used to calling it X just yet)

This is an insane thing to say, as Warriors superstar guard Stephen Curry was the Lakers' biggest problem, as he had 32 points while lighting it up from deep, to the tune of 6-of-13. Davis wouldn't have been able to prevent that even if he had his full voice.

To that point, the Warriors made 39 percent of their threes, which would've happened with or without Davis's vocal chords. Granted, if Ham were to have noted the absence of LeBron James and Jarred Vanderbilt, as it pertains to Thursday night's outcome, that would have been different.

In fact, that would have been significantly better because it had much more to do with the outcome.

Instead, Ham chose to embarrass himself, which has been the theme of the season

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