Klay Thompson may be saving the Lakers from making a massive mistake

Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors
Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

The main priority for the Los Angeles Lakers right now is to put together a strong second half of the season and go on a run in the NBA Playoffs. If all goes right, Los Angeles can enjoy another deep playoff run that hopefully leads to another NBA Championship.

While that is the main focus right now, the front office should still be keeping an eye on the future. The Lakers have a big summer in front of them with LeBron James' future unclear and there being potential of a big trade for an underwhelming star.

One potential offseason storyline that has emerged for the Lakers revolves around Klay Thompson, who is going to be a free agent. The Lakers were name-dropped as one team that may potentially be interested in signing Thompson this summer.

While the Lakers might be interested, it does not appear that the interest goes both ways. Klay hasn't completely ruled out the possibility of leaving Golden State this summer, but he has made it clear that he wants to be a Warrior for life (h/t Sam Amick, The Athletic).

"'Not really,' Thompson said when asked if the sixth-man assignment might change his desire to return. 'I mean, you’ve still got to examine all of your options, but I would love to be a Warrior for life.'"

Klay Thompson may save the Lakers by returning to the Warriors

Lakers fans should want Klay Thompson to return to the Warriors that way the Lakers do not even have the chance to sign him this summer. Thompson is a future Hall of Famer who has all the respect in the world but that does not mean he will be a good signing.

If the Lakers were to sign him it would still have to come at a high cost. Thompson knows that he cannot demand max contract money but Los Angeles would still have to pay around $25 million a year (at the very least) for his services. That is what happens when you are a future Hall of Famer and four-time champion.

And as great as Thompson's career has been, that simply is way too much to be paying him. Thompson is not as efficient of a three-point shooter and is a much worse defender than he used to be. He simply is not the same player after all of the injuries. It is okay to admit that.

This would be like the Lakers paying $25 million a year to veteran Ray Allen. Allen was a great complementary piece on the 2013 Miami Heat. He was not one of the three star players that the team was built around. If Thompson were to come to LA, he would essentially be treated as one of the stars.

Any potential Lakers interest in Thompson is misplaced as it would be a move that would hurt the franchise. Thankfully, Thompson himself may step in and keep it from ever happening.

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