Lakers 2024 NBA Mock Draft: Los Angeles looks to rediscover magic of 2020

The Los Angeles Lakers are looking to win a second championship in six seasons. Could the NBA Draft unlock that ambition by restoring the 2020 vision?
2020 NBA Finals - Game Six
2020 NBA Finals - Game Six / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages
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Round 2, Pick 55: Cam Spencer, Connecticut Huskies

Ambitious Upside Comparison: Seth Curry

Realistic Upside Comparison: Sam Merrill

Don't let the Dan Hurley news trick you into thinking the Connecticut Huskies are devoid of ideal options for the Los Angeles Lakers to consider. The two-time defending national champions have multiple starters entering the 2024 NBA Draft and at least one might be available at No. 55.

With a second-round draft pick that can be utilized as a gamble, the Lakers select undersized shooting guard Cam Spencer—arguably the best shooter in this class.

Spencer is a second-round draft pick for three reasons: He's 24, he suffered a serious hip injury as a sophomore, and he's an undersized shooting guard at 6'3" with a 6'5" wingspan. True as that may be, the Lakers are ideally equipped to bring him into the fold.

LeBron James still projects to be a, if not the, primary facilitator for the team in 2024-25, and Spencer would thrive in the sort of quasi-point guard role that has long complemented the four-time MVP.

Spencer's not a traditional point guard, but he comes from a complex motion offense in which he was often responsible for initiating plays or even making the final pass. He's comfortable putting the ball on the floor for straight-line drives and knows how to hit the right angles as a distributor.

When all else fails, the fact that he shot 43.6 percent or better from beyond the arc in three of his four full seasons at UConn is quite a cushion to fall back on.