Lakers' blockbuster trade with Bulls feels inevitable after LeBron James' actions

Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls
Los Angeles Lakers v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers went into the United Center looking to right the ship against a Chicago Bulls team that has played better without Zach LaVine. Unfortunately, the Lakers' post In-Season Tournament skid continued, as the Lakers dropped the game 108-124.

Chicago is now 7-3 since LaVine went down with a foot injury, which only increases the chances that he gets traded at some point. The Lakers have been the team most prominently connected to LaVine, as they have the contracts and the Klutch Sports connection to make it happen.

Even if it is not LaVine, the Lakers and Bulls seem like natural trade partners at some point this season. Following LeBron James' post-game actions after the loss, a Lakers-Bulls blockbuster now seems inevitable.

Lakers' blockbuster trade with Bulls seems inevitable thanks to LeBron James

Look, is there a chance we are reading into this video a bit too much? Yes. But this is LeBron James we are talking about. There has never been an athlete that is as calculated with what they do and what they tell the media than LeBron. If LeBron does something with the cameras rolling, it is on purpose.

LeBron also has not been someone who has shied away from pushing his team to make a roster move that he thinks will increase his title odds. After all, LeBron was reportedly the one who pushed the team to trade for Russell Westbrook.

Him embracing three players who have been prominently connected to the Lakers (LaVine, DeMar DeRozan and Alex Caurso) was not an accident. Just like when he embraced Lonzo Ball before he signed with the Lakers, LeBron knows what he is doing.

Does this mean the Lakers are going to make the LaVine trade? Not necessarily. But there are more trade options available. The Lakers can try to trade for both DeRozan and Caruso, or just Caruso, or Caruso and another role player. LeBron knows this, and there is a reason why he spoke with these players specifically.

And guess what? Those members of the Chicago Bulls know this as well. There is a good chance that at least part of their conversation at mid-court was about this possibility, which now may have a higher probability.

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