5 buyout targets the Lakers should sign after a quiet trade deadline

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers
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Joe Harris

Joe Harris is also a buyout target thanks to the Pistons as Detroit continues making its case for being the worst run team in the entire league. It is hard to understand what the Pistons have been doing as an organization but it is not hard to see how the team came to its decision on Harris.

Harris simply has not been very good for the Pistons this season and there is no reason to keep him around the rest of the year. Detroit should be giving minutes to the younger players on the roster and unfortunately for them, Harris was unable to play well enough to increase his trade value.

That is actually a good thing for the Lakers as it resulted in him being waived instead of there being a market for him at the deadline. Now the Lakers could pick him up for the league minimum and hope to reignite his shooting stroke from beyond the arc.

As bad as it has been in Detroit this season, Harris is still someone with a lifetime three-point percentage above 40% who has led the league in three-point percentage twice. Harris' struggles this season are in a small sample size and with the gravitational pull that LeBron James and Anthony Davis have, he can re-find his 40%+ shooting stroke.