5 buyout targets the Lakers should sign after a quiet trade deadline

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers
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Davis Bertans

Davis Bertans was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder before the season in a salary dump and it genuinely seemed like a good spot for him. The Thunder love underutilized players like Bertans and it wasn't crazy to think that he could actually put up good numbers and get decent playing time.

Then the Thunder decided to be way better way quicker than anyone expected and the team just couldn't justify giving Bertans a healthy share of minutes. The former Wizard has logged just 91 minutes total this season and instead of being a breakout player, he became a pivotal contract to trade for Gordon Hayward.

There is no reason for the Hornets to keep Bertans around so the team might as well save some money and do his agent a favor by buying him out. That would allow Bertans to not just chase a ring like most buyout targets, but go somewhere where he could increase his free-agency value.

The Lakers could be a good place for Bertans to do that as the team has gotten a lot out of distressed assets in the past. Los Angeles needs another big, especially one who can shoot, and Bertans could wind up getting 16-18 minutes a night with a real chance to play an offensive role.

Bertans at his current contract price is awful and that has made him seem terrible in comparison. But at a league minimum guy, there is potential there, especially for a team like the Lakers.