5 buyout targets the Lakers should sign after a quiet trade deadline

Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers
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Danuel House

Another player on the list... another player that is a likely buyout target thanks to the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons are becoming the one-stop-shop for buyout targets as they acquired Danuel House from the Philadelphia 76ers in a pure dump that opened a roster spot for the 76ers to pursue other buyout targets.

House is not going to be any team's first buyout option in the market and if the Lakers are prioritizing him over all else then there is something wrong with how the team is being built. However, the Lakers may also not even have a chance at the first tier of buyout targets.

The primary goal for just about every bought out player is to sign with a contender that can feasibly win the championship. If the Lakers get hot they can certainly go on a run but they are in the upper class of title contenders this season.

Thus, the Lakers may have to sign their fifth option and it would be someone like House. House's numbers are underwhelming and the hope would be that he could find something in LA that has been missing the last few years.

If nothing else, House at least has ample playoff experience. The wing has made the playoffs four times in his career and has logged 29 career playoff games. That isn't nothing, and might be more comfortable for the Lakers if they have to turn to the very back of the rotation because of injuries.

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