Lakers' chances of landing prominent star just grew exponentially

The latest intel suggests that LA's chances of getting a big name star just went up.
Rob Pelinka, Darvin Ham, Los Angeles Lakers
Rob Pelinka, Darvin Ham, Los Angeles Lakers / Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports

Many fans were frustrated when the Los Angeles Lakers failed to make any real moves at the NBA trade deadline three weeks ago. Finding themselves with unfortunate injury luck throughout this season, it was a common belief that the Lakers would do well to make some kind of addition to revamp their roster and level up ahead of what is hopefully a playoff appearance in less than two months.

Instead, Los Angeles opted to stand pat while making one small signing after the deadline passed in Spencer Dinwiddie. While this may have looked like ineptitude from management, it was reportedly a calculated move made due to the organization's belief that they could have a chance at acquiring Donovan Mitchell this summer.

Landing a big-name star like Donovan would likely be more impactful than anything the Lakers could have reasonably done at this year's trade deadline. And according to the latest reports, Los Angeles' chances of ultimately getting Mitchell this summer just made a big jump. Per NBA Insider Brian Windhorst, the likelihood of Donovan ending up with the New York Knicks could be waning.

Lakers may now be the favorites for a Donovan Mitchell trade

Going on First Take on Wednesday morning, Windhorst expressed his belief that Mitchell ultimately landing with the Knicks could be a bygone dream at this point, purely because of the season Jalen Brunson is having. Blossoming into an All-Star and even All-NBA level player between this season and last, Brunson has become New York's unquestioned franchise player.

"[Mitchell] has got to be looking at what Jalen Brunson has and feeling like 'damn, that could've been me,'" said Windhorst. "I don't know if the Donovan Mitchell Knicks thing is really still a possibility."

This is excellent news for the Lakers. While Los Angeles will always have a chance at landing big name players due to it being the most storied franchise in the history of the association, they clearly already have a targeted interest in the Cleveland Cavaliers' star guard.

If there is truly no longer a chance of Donovan Mitchell ending up in the Big Apple, the Lakers should now have confidence in feeling they are next in line.