Lakers HC Darvin Ham ironically calls himself out without realizing

Lakers head coach Darvin Ham cannot get out of his own way.
Los Angeles Lakers, Darvin Ham
Los Angeles Lakers, Darvin Ham / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Lakers have been dominated by the Nuggets in their first-round playoff series. Nikola Jokic and his team went up 3-0 on Thursday evening and their victory feels inevitable. D’Angelo Russell cannot make shots, and the Lakers just do not have enough talent around LeBron James and Anthony Davis to hang with the defending champions.

Head coach Darvin Ham could be coaching for his job in Game 4. The Lakers have lost 11 straight to the Nuggets, and Ham deserves plenty of blame (subscription required). The adjustments have been non-existent and the rotations questionable at best. Fans have wanted Ham gone for months, and it could finally happen if LA gets swept.

The Lakers head coach has made plenty of head-scratching quotes in this series and throughout the season, but his latest may be the most ironic. Ham did not even realize he called himself out.

Darvin Ham's comments on the Lakers' mood are a shot at him

The Lakers had a film session on Friday in Los Angeles between Games 3 and 4. Afterward, Ham said this about the team’s mood.

Ham failed to recognize his role in that. They are “irritated, frustrated, and fed up” with losing to the Nuggets. This is the same team that swept the Lakers in the conference finals last season. The Nuggets have won 11 straight games against LA, and Ham makes zero changes. Every game is the same. The Lakers get out to a lead before Denver takes over in the second half and rolls to another win.

There is frustration about the gameplan, which was made clear by Anthony Davis after Game 2. Their offense stagnates in the second half, and Ham makes no adjustments. The Lakers have zero answers for Nikola Jokic and do not even try different tactics. Losing 11 straight to any opponent is tough, but when that features two playoff series the frustration reaches a new level.

Darvin Ham appears to have no answers. Down 3-0 and facing elimination on their home floor, he should change things up in Game 4, but fans are not holding their breath. Ham’s lack of adjustments could ultimately be his undoing. Lakers fans will certainly enter the offseason wanting him gone barring a miracle and never-been-done comeback in this series.

The Los Angeles Lakers hope to extend the series on Saturday evening at Arena. Their belief is likely low after the Nuggets' dominance, but any comeback starts with one win. Can LeBron James and company snap their losing streak? It will take a team effort and a bit of luck, which feels unlikely given the current state of the Lakers.

If LA goes out in the first round, there will be changes. King James wanted them before the deadline, but general manager Rob Pelinka stood pat. Is Darvin Ham fired? How can the Lakers put more talent around LeBron and AD? Everything should be on the table as this roster clearly cannot compete with the best teams in the league.