4 Darvin Ham replacements the Lakers must avoid at all costs

The Lakers should avoid these names in their head coaching search.
Los Angeles Lakers, J.J. Redick
Los Angeles Lakers, J.J. Redick / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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2. Juwan Howard

The Lakers were rumored to be interested in Howard during their 2022 head coaching search when they hired Darvin Ham. The 19-year NBA veteran declined as he was the head coach at the University of Michigan with his sons on the team. Things have changed drastically, but he certainly has ties to the Laker franchise.

Howard finished his NBA career with the Heatles featuring LeBron James. They won two championships together, and he went immediately from player to assistant coach in Miami. Howard spent just one year coaching King James as LeBron left for Cleveland after the 2014 season.

Howard was also college teammates at Michigan with Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka. It is Pelinka who will make the call on the next coach. Does LA still have interest?

Howard was fired from Michigan after going 8-24 this season, and he just accepted an assistant coaching position with the Brooklyn Nets. It seems unlikely the Lakers would be interested, and it is a massive mistake if they are.

Juwan Howard did lead Michigan to the Elite Eight in 2021 but was 87-72 in his five seasons coaching in college. How is he going to make the jump to the NBA, and coach a title contender? It does not seem possible, but at least he has some coaching experience.