Lakers draft: Pro comparisons, fit, and analysis for 2024 target Kyle Filipowski

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Duke Blue Devils star Kyle Filipowski. How might the 2024 NBA Draft target fit in the purple and gold?
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Kyle Filipowski Analysis: Pros

It's easy to surmise that Kyle Filipowski has a strong work ethic when you see how far he's come as a player in just two seasons. Statistically, that's established in his improvement of 6.4 percentage points in field goal percentage and 6.6 in three-point field goal percentage.

Other statistical increases include +1.3 in points, +1.2 in assists, +0.8 in blocks, and -0.4 in turnovers per game between his freshman and sophomore seasons.

In terms of what he brings beyond the statistics, he's a skilled scorer who can operate from every angle of the floor. He's improved tremendously from beyond the arc, jumping from 28.2 to 34.8 percent in efficiency, and is skilled as a midrange shooter.

Filipowski is also one of the best post scorers in his class, as well as a capable straight-line finisher who can attack closeouts and take flat-footed defenders off the bounce.

Filipowski has also proven to be a productive offensive rebounder and a willing defender. He makes up for his lack of elite length by remaining active on defense, contesting shots and playing the passing lanes.

Filipowski, who stands at a strong 230 pounds at just 20 years of age, is also one of the more agile players in his class—posting the same mark in the shuttle run as projected lottery pick Cody Williams, a small forward.

It's easy to see why the Los Angeles Lakers may be intrigued.