Lakers draft: Pro comparisons, fit, and analysis for 2024 target Kyle Filipowski

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Duke Blue Devils star Kyle Filipowski. How might the 2024 NBA Draft target fit in the purple and gold?
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Upside Comparisons

Kyle Filipowski has compared his game to that of LaMarcus Aldridge. The key difference, of course, is that Aldridge boasted a ridiculous 7'5" wingspan, while Filipowski's doesn't quite hit 6'11". The stylistic similarities, however, are still present enough to acknowledge.

Factoring in length, more appropriate than Aldridge as an upside comparison are two players on opposite ends of the ambitious and realistic spectrums: Lauri Markkanen and Kelly Olynyk.

Ambitiously, Markkanen is the type of player who Filipowski projects to be capable of becoming. Markkanen, an All-Star and the Most Improved Player award-winner in 2022-23, is eerily similar in height, weight, wingspan, and style of play.

Markkanen has become a genuine sharpshooter, however, knocking down 38.7 percent of his three-point field goals and 87.6 percent of his free throws over the past four seasons.

If Filipowski can stabilize his jump shot and improve at the line, perhaps he could begin to realize his potential as a similarly gifted shooter who can score at all three levels.

More realistic on the upside comparison front is Olynyk, who again is remarkably similar in height, weight, wingspan, and style. Olynyk has carved out an 11-year career as a versatile offensive player, with range on his jumper, impressive vision as a passer, and an in-between game that's proven valuable.

In either scenario, the Lakers would walk away with a starting-caliber player who can create offense, work without the ball, and defend at a high enough level to stay on the court.