Lakers draft: Pro comparisons, fit, and analysis for 2024 target Kyle Filipowski

The Los Angeles Lakers have been linked to Duke Blue Devils star Kyle Filipowski. How might the 2024 NBA Draft target fit in the purple and gold?
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The biggest question the Los Angeles Lakers will need to answer is how Kyle Filipowski might fit with the current team. The vision may be geared more towards long-term development, but his growth would be stunted without an ideal role to play early on.

On the offensive end of the floor, assuming his improvement as a shooter is legitimate, Filipowski could be a tremendous fit alongside Anthony Davis and even LeBron James.

Filipowski's ability to space the floor is already ideal considering Davis and James both ranked in the top 10 in points in the paint during the 2023-24 season. That could net him early minutes as a corner-three specialist who can progressively become a threat above the break.

With the building blocks to become a player who can attack closeouts, knock down midrange shots, and even go to the post on a regular basis, the long-term fit becomes even more appealing.

The fact that Filipowski is a productive offensive rebounder should also help Davis, who ranked No. 1 in the NBA in second chance points—while the Lakers ranked No. 30 as a team.

Defensive concerns persist due to his length and subpar defensive rebounding, however. That would leave Davis to clean up the defensive glass and protect the rim.

The question then becomes a matter of whether Filipowski's agility can permit him to defend the perimeter and take pressure off of Davis in that regard. If he's able to do so, then whatever remaining flaws exist can be at least somewhat offset by Davis' All-Defense talent.

In the event that Filipowski lives up to his full potential, then the Lakers would have a two-way threat who can complement Davis to near perfection. The risk, however, is in the simple question of whether the progress shown is as sustainable as it seems.