Lakers gifted new potential signing that seems perfect (but actually is awful)

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All of the Los Angeles Lakers' shortcomings have been under the microscope as the team has struggled in recent weeks. Los Angeles does not look the part of being a title contender and is going to need to make additions at some point to reach that potential.

Many assume that the Lakers are going to make some kind of noise at the trade deadline. After all, Los Angeles has the resources to make trades big or small with future assets and perfectly-sized contracts to package together in a trade.

But the Lakers could also get help from any potential buyout targets or players who get waived by their respective teams. The Lakers have seemingly received one of those potential targets early, as the Memphis Grizzlies waived center Bismack Biyombo and signed Vince Williams Jr. to a three-year deal.

Biyombo was tied to the Lakers before the team signed Christian Wood and with him back on the market, many fans want to see this partnership come to life. While we are normally all for these kinds of additions here at Lake Show Life, this is one potential move that the fanbase is getting way ahead of itself on.

Bismack Biyombo would not be an impactful signing for the Lakers

Adding Biyombo to this roster does absolutely nothing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Sure, the team has an open 15th roster spot and can sign him without having to let anyone else go. And on paper, it makes sense to bring him in to replace Jaxson Hayes, who has been disappointing this season.

The only problem is that Biyombo will be just as disappointing. The fanbase will hype itself up over the idea that Biyombo can come in and be a physical center that can rough up other big men. After all, Nikola Jokic did admit that the toughest matchup he has ever had was when the 2020 Lakers had Dwight Howard, JaVale McGee and Anthony Davis to throw at him.

Biyombo is not the same player as Howard or McGee, even in their older ages. First of all he is much smaller than either guy, checking in as an undersized six-eight center who cannot space the floor at all.

Second of all, he doesn't even bring that much to the table. Biyombo had a chance to prove that he is still an impactful big in the NBA and got plenty of run with the Grizzlies this season. Instead, he proved that he is no different than any of the other unemployed bigs right now (looking at you, Nerlens Noel).

Biyombo isn't a great rebounder (he ranks 25th among 34 centers with 700 minutes played in total rebound percentage) and he isn't some prolific shot-blocker (ranking 17th). He is next to nothing on the offensive end and on defense he doesn't really do much of anything.

Plus, Biyombo has struggled in the past while guarding Jokic, so the entire idea of him being a resource to throw at the two-time MVP goes out the window. Biyombo directly guarded Jokic for four minutes and 48 seconds during the 2022-23 season. In that time, Jokic scored 10 points on 50% shooting and the Nuggets scored 40 total points. Biyombo committed two fouls.

There is no such thing as too much depth but it is already clear how this is going to happen. Some Lakers fans will hype up this signing as some difference-maker. Biyombo will then inevitably disappoint and give the team the exact same kind of play as Hayes. Just like Hayes, Biyombo will quickly find himself in the dog house with the fanbase, who will already be looking for the next potential center to sign.

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