Lakers mock draft: 1 dream, 1 realistic target for each round of 2024 NBA Draft

In our final 2024 NBA Mock Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers find the perfect fit for JJ Redick and his modernized system.
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Round 2, Dream Pick: Cam Spencer, Connecticut Huskies

The consistent selection across our mock drafts, Cam Spencer is the perfect second-round gamble for JJ Redick and the Los Angeles Lakers. Arguably the best three-point shooter in this class, Spencer has experience in a motion offense that would lend itself to playing in Los Angeles.

A capable passer and ball-handler who balances his tweener role with elite three-point shooting, Spencer has the tools to thrive alongside LeBron James.

Spencer played five seasons at the collegiate level, losing one to a hip injury that he's since recovered from. He shot 43.4 percent or better from beyond the arc in four of his five seasons, including marks of 43.4 and 44.0 over his final two campaigns.

Spencer also had the task of initiating sets in the Connecticut Huskies' complex offense, which ideally suits Redick's modern philosophy. In fact, he plays a lot like Redick.

In the second round, this would be a steal of a selection that would only be possible because of concerns about age, length, and positional identity. The Lakers can quell those concerns as they look to build a system in which multiple ball-handlers operate in place of a traditional point guard.

As the Lakers look to improve upon rankings of 24th in three-point field goals made and 28th in attempts, Spencer would be the perfect answer to those flaws.