4 Lakers who are playing for their next contract after the deadline

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Spencer Dinwiddie

The newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers definitely wants to help the team win and wants a chance to win his first-ever NBA Championship. But he also is going into business for himself and is hoping the exposure that comes with the Lakers will lead to a new contract in the offseason.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why Dinwiddie signed with the Lakers and that is perfectly okay. This is the entire point of the buyout market: to give veteran players a chance to increase their stock while also giving them a chance to contend for a title.

And while Dinwiddie has not played well this season, a strong stretch with the Lakers can erase any concerns and earn him a bigger contract in the offseason. Dinwiddie is not going to completely recoup his value but he can earn a nice deal depending on what he does in LA.

Just look at someone like Gabe Vincent. While he is was not a buyout signing, he was someone who would have likely signed for the veteran minimum if the Miami Heat did not make the playoffs last season. However, Miami went on a miracle run and Vincent played the best ball of his life. That earned him a $33 million contract from the Lakers.

If Dinwiddie can have a similar run and can shine when the lights are the brightest, then there is no doubt that he will increase his value on the free-agent market. Because as it stands right now, Dinwiddie is probably worth the Bi-Annual Exception at the very most.

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