Lakers show exactly how teams should handle Morey's shamelessness

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers
Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

Philadelphia 76ers President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey has one thing in common with the Los Angeles Lakers: he loves chasing stars. The difference is that Morey doesn't quite land them nearly as often as the Lakers do. 

In fact, Morey is usually left hanging at the altar. Amar'e Stoudemire decided against joining the Rockets in 2010, Chris Bosh declined an opportunity to join Morey's Houston Rockets in 2014, and Jimmy Butler spurned Morey in 2019, even though the former Rockets GM thought he had a deal lined up and had trades pre-planned, in order to clear the cap space to give Butler a max deal

Morey pursued Lakers star LeBron James in 2018, thinking Chris Paul's longstanding friendship with James would help reel in the NBA's all-time leading scorer. Morey was burned again, as James joined the Lakers, a different team in the same conference. 

But if there's one thing about Morey, he'll never give up on chasing superstars. It's all he knows.

And it's why it hasn't amounted to a championship for him.

Rob Pelinka gives Daryl Morey exactly what he deserves.

In spite of that, Morey pursued James yet again at the trade deadline, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, as he simply only knows one way to operate. Morey was hoping to capitalize on James' cryptic hourglass tweet and figured he'd shoot his shot once more.

However, Lakers GM Rob Pelinka rejected the inquiry, while also taking advantage of an opportunity to troll Morey.

"Pelinka responded by asking Morey if Joel Embiid was available, sources said. And that ended that brief conversation."

This was such an amazing way to respond to Morey's thirstiness, as he was easily looking for an opportunity to fleece the Lakers, much like he did the Indiana Pacers for Buddy Hield. Hell, Morey was trying to also pry Kevin Durant away from the Phoenix Suns.

Obviously the Lakers aren't trading away their best player (and the Suns alike).

Especially when they're in the thick of things. They wouldn't trade James, even if they weren't competing.

Much like the Sixers, who wouldn't trade Joel Embiid under any circumstances. 

Sometimes you have to be sarcastic and petty to get your point across. Kudos to Pelinka here.