1 home run trade the Lakers can make with each rumored trade partner

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The best trade the Lakers can make with the Washington Wizards:

Like Charlotte, the Washington Wizards do not have that many players who would actually make sense for the Lakers. Los Angeles definitely isn't trading back for Kyle Kuzma at that price point and Jordan Poole has been a mess this season.

That being said, the Lakers might be better off buying low on a veteran rotation piece that is struggling this season but has the pieces to be a contributor to LA's rotation. That creates the following trade package for LA to explore:


This trade is very similar to the Rui Hachimura trade from last season but it includes fewer second-round picks as Gallinari is struggling and is not as young as Hachimura. If Prince continues to struggle as one of the worst members of the roster, flipping him for another veteran makes sense.

Gallo is struggling this season but he still has the makings of being a marksman than can add a real shooting presence from beyond the arc. His 30.8% three-point rate is not great this season but he is a career 38.1% three-point shooter and was coming off the best multi-year shooting stretch of his career prior to joining the Wizards.

Plus, the Wizards are not necessarily the model team to get the most out of veteran rotation players. LeBron James and the Lakers naturally elevate players and the spacing that Gallo would get would be much better than it is in Washington.