1 home run trade the Lakers can make with each rumored trade partner

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The best trade the Lakers can make with the Jazz:

The Utah Jazz have several really good players on the roster. Some Lakers fans might dream about a potential Lauri Markannen trade but that is not going to happen after his breakout over the last two seasons.

John Collins is another intriguing name who might not be the best player, but has been tied to the Lakers in the past. Trading for Collins does not make sense at this point in time, though, with how the roster is constructed. Instead, the Lakers should target an expiring veteran big man to add a boost near the rim.


Kelly Olynyk makes too much sense on the Los Angeles Lakers. If the Utah Jazz are going to be selling off assets at the deadline this season then it would be a disservice if Rob Pelinka didn't call and try to see what it would take to bring Olynyk to LA.

The center position has been a bit of a revolving door in recent years for the Lakers and the current pairing of Christian Wood and Jaxson Hayes is not great. Wood can space the floor, but he cannot defend. Hayes can defend, but he adds next to nothing offensively and isn't rebounding well.

Olynyk takes the strengths of both men and combines them into one player. He is a serviceable rebounder and can space the floor, which will really open things up for LA. Olynyk is shooting 48.6% from three while averaging 9.4 rebounds per 36 minutes. His rim protection isn't great, but that is what the team has Anthony Davis for.

Lakers fans have long asked for a big man who would essentially allow Anthony Davis to play center on the offensive end while he could be a roaming power forward/wing on the defensive end. That is exactly what Olynyk would allow AD to do.