1 home run trade the Lakers can make with each rumored trade partner

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The best trade the Lakers can make with the Nets:

The Brooklyn Nets are the least likely team to actually conduct a fire sale this season. At the time of writing this, the Nets have a12-9 record and they should continue to be in the playoff picture fighting for the sixth seed in the Eastern Conference to avoid the Play-In Tournament.

That being said, it might not take a full fire sale for the Lakers to trade for someone impactful. Brooklyn could simply trade one of its veterans who is not part of the long-term plan. Thankfully for the Lakers, they have a veteran who would be downright perfect in LA if the Nets wanted to do that.


The Lakers would have to swap Hayes for Max Christie in this package as the Nets would likely want a young player in return they can take a flier on. Some fans are very against trading Christie but the reality is that he is not going to be in the playoff rotation this season and is on an expiring deal. If you can leverage him to make an improvement, you do it.

Royce O'Neale is quietly one of the best three and D role players in the entire league. O'Neale would essentially give the Lakers a far better (and more consistent) version of Prince that could start and even play in crunch time if needed.

O'Neale has shot above 38% from three in each of the last four seasons while his three-point output has increased with each year. Defensively, O'Neale is a great point-of-attack defender who would give the Lakers that one extra perimeter defender that the team is missing.

There are only six players in the NBA who are shooting 38% or better from three (with a minimum of 100 attempts) while also having a Defensive Box Plus/Minus of 1.5 or better; Derrick White, Karl-Anthony Towns, Mike Conley, Scottie Barnes, LeBron James and Royce O'Neale.

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