Lakers rumors: Pros and cons of potentially signing Klay Thompson in free agency

Four-time NBA champion Klay Thompson will reportedly test the waters in free agency. Should the Los Angeles Lakers make a run at one of best shooters ever?
Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors
Los Angeles Lakers v Golden State Warriors / Ezra Shaw/GettyImages
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The Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors have been two of the leading NBA franchises of the 21st century. The Lakers have won an Association-leading six championships since 2000, while the Warriors sit third with four.

As the 2024 offseason grows near, the Lakers could have a chance at signing one of the players who has helped lead the Warriors to their franchise-altering success.

Klay Thompson, a two-time All-NBA honoree and five-time All-Star, has been one-half of one of the greatest backcourts in NBA history since 2011. He and Stephen Curry, affectionately known as The Splash Brothers, have redefined the way the game is played as sharpshooters of the highest order.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, after four championships and six trips to the NBA Finals, The Splash Brothers could part ways in 2024.

It's certainly possible that Thompson will return to the Warriors, but as he looks for the right fit and deal, 29 other teams will be on high alert.

Thompson, 34, is entering a rare period of unrestricted free agency. He'd been under contract since 2019, and few truly expected to see the all-time great sharpshooter leave Golden State at any point before then.

The time may have arrived for the legendary Splash Brothers to split up, however, and the Lakers are likely to be one of the many teams considering a sign-and-trade. The question is: Should they?

Pro: Three-Point Shooting

Let's start with the most obvious reason the Lakers should pursue Thompson in free agency: His jumper. Thompson is one of the greatest three-point shooters in NBA history, and Los Angeles is one of the least productive three-point shooting teams in the Association.

If there's only one reason to consider going after Thompson this summer, it's that he's the most qualified player to address a significant need.

Los Angeles actually shot efficiently this past season, ranking eighth in the NBA in three-point field goal percentage. Despite its ability to knock shots down at a top-10 level, it ranked 28th in attempts and 24th in three-point field goals made.

By adding Thompson to the starting lineup, the Lakers would be making a concerted effort to improve in a vital area.

Thompson is the epitome of a marksman. He's the ultimate catch-and-shoot specialist, moving fluidly without the ball and taking passes in stride as his teachable shooting form leads to generational results.

Point in case: Ray Allen, Curry, Kyle Korver, and Thompson are the only players in NBA history with at least 2,000 career three-point field goals made on 40 percent shooting or better from beyond the arc.