Grade the trade: Lakers add perfect Anthony Davis running mate in mock proposal

Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers: Championship - 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament
Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers: Championship - 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament / Ethan Miller/GettyImages
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Los Angeles Lakers trade package for Kelly Olynyk:

Kelly Olynyk is the big man who, on paper, looks like he can be a perfect running mate for Anthony Davis in the frontcourt. Olynyk would only get around 20 minutes in this Lakers' rotation but those 20 minutes could be very beneficial. Despite the potentially great fit, the price won't be very high.

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Olynyk is on an expiring contract and thus the Utah Jazz are not going to be able to ask much for him. Plus, while he would be a good scheme fit next to AD, there probably is not a long list of teams looking to trade for Olynyk so the Lakers can get it done for cheap.

Los Angeles can get to the right salary number by packaging Prince and Hayes together. Those two have no real value for the Lakers, who would have to throw in a second-round pick as well as a second-round pick swap to get the deal done.

Olynyk would instantly slot in nicely as someone who could play next to Davis, especially when LeBron James is on the bench. The veteran big man can certainly space the floor (43.2% three-point rate this season) and he is still a serviceable rebounder on the other end.

Olynyk does not offer much of a shot-blocking presence at his size but with Davis roaming in the frontcourt it would be fine. While he is not a prominent shot-blocker, he is an average-at-worst defender who would not be the same massive defensive hole that Wood is.

These are the likely parameters of a potential Olynyk trade; but how would it grade out for both the Lakers and the Jazz?