Grade the trade: Lakers add perfect Anthony Davis running mate in mock proposal

Indiana Pacers v Los Angeles Lakers: Championship - 2023 NBA In-Season Tournament
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Los Angeles Lakers grade for Kelly Olynyk trade: B+

This is similar to the Rui Hachimura trade from last season as the Lakers would be trading draft fodder to add someone who can make a big difference. Like Hachimura, Olynyk could absolutely take over a few quarters of a playoff game and swing an entire series as a result.

Olynyk is a bit different from Hachimura as he is not young and thus might not be a long-term piece. However, even though he is on an expiring, Olynyk could be a key rotation player for another season or two after his deal expires. If he excels in his role on the Lakers, the team could absolutely bring him back as he is not going to sign an expensive deal.

It might not be the headline-grabber that some fans want to see at the deadline this season but it would be a savvy move that improves the team. The only concern is what the team might do at the wing without Prince if there are more injuries. With Hachimura, Jarred Vanderbilt and even Max Christie, the Lakers should be fine.

Utah Jazz grade for Kelly Olynyk trade: C

This is one of those trades that gets forgotten about pretty quickly in Utah. There are several more valuable assets for Utah to move at the deadline and those are going to be the moves that the front office focuses on.

Trading Olynyk is simply a case of getting something instead of nothing. There is no real reason for the Jazz to hold on to the veteran big man for him to walk in free agency. If the team can get a second-round pick as well as a swap then it makes sense to do so.

This is not going to change the future of the Jazz organization but it is an example of smart asset management. Plus, it would save ownership some cash as the Jazz would be taking on less money in the deal.

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