Grade the trade: Lakers land DeMar DeRozan, Alex Caruso in blockbuster pitch

Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls
Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Los Angeles Lakers grade: B+

Is this is the best possible trade the Lakers could make for the assets they are trading away? No. In an absolute perfect world, the Lakers would be able to make a trade like this to get a third player that fits perfectly next to Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Someone like Donovan Mitchell would be that A+ home run trade target.

But the chances of that actually happening are slim so when we are operating in the realm of reality, it is clear that this trade might be the best the Lakers can do if they want to shake it up. This certainly is a better deal than trading for LaVine.

DeRozan might not be a three-point shooter but he is someone who was in the MVP conversation not that long ago. He can play-make, can still defend, and doesn't need a high usage rate to succeed. Not to mention he is on an expiring deal and can be re-signed for cheaper, making it a better long-term play than trading for LaVine.

Caruso, meanwhile, is exactly the kind of player this Lakers team needs on the perimeter. He knows what it takes to succeed next to LeBron James and he could help the team create some truly lethal defensive lineups.

Chicago Bulls trade: B-

This certainly is not a bad trade for the Chicago Bulls and it is obviously in the realm of possibility. Chicago would likely want to get Reaves in this deal, though, and may want pieces that can be bigger cornerstones. Hachimura and Russell are not cornerstones.

However, both of those players have value and could be flipped by including a third or fourth team in the trade. It isn't absurd to say that both of those players could net the Bulls a protected first from a contender, or perhaps a young asset. When the dust settles, the Bulls might be able to flip DeRozan and Caruso for Jalen Hood-Schifino, the picks the Lakers sent, and two more protected firsts/young assets.

All things considered, that is a pretty nice trade-off for the Bulls.

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