Grade the trade: Lakers ship D'Angelo Russell to Spurs in 3-team pitch

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers
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The 3-team D'Angelo Russell trade involving the Lakers and Spurs:

To make this work, the Los Angeles Lakers have to find a team that has an asset it will be willing to trade that may not want Russell in return. This team is going to have to be one of the worst teams in the league, as they will presumably be tanking and will be selling off assets.

The team that makes the most sense right off the bat is the Portland Trail Blazers. Portland has no incentive to win and has a valuable guard asset in Malcolm Brogdon to trade. The Blazers also have no real reason to trade for another ball-dominant point guard with the current roster construction of the team.

Thus, the trade can look something like this:

Better DLO 3 team trade

The four second-round picks can be split evenly between both the Lakers and Spurs, meaning that both teams are sending two second-round picks to Portland in the deal.

While Brogdon is a familiar name in the NBA, he is not someone who has that much trade value. The Boston Celtics acquired him for cheap two offseasons ago and his value is probably less now (because of the injury risk). That might be a risk the Lakers are willing to take, though, as his play better translates to the playoffs.

With the Blazers not really needing another ball-dominant guard, it makes sense for them to get most of the salary back in an expiring (McDermott). That frees up future financial flexibility for the Blazers. Meanwhile, the Spurs get the starting point guard they have needed all season at a low cost.

The logic is there, but how would each team fare if this trade were to actually happen? Let's dive into the report card, shall we?