Grade the trade: Lakers land Donovan Mitchell in blockbuster offseason pitch

Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic
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Los Angeles Lakers grade: A

It would be really hard for Lakers fans to trade both Hachimura and Reaves but there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, the team has not given Hachimura the role that fans expected and it is probably time to temper expectations around who he really is. The team can certainly afford to trade him.

As far as Reaves goes, the Lakers probably shouldn't be making him untouchable. Reaves should not be outright shopped by any means but he is not this irreplaceable role player. After all, the numbers around Reaves and how he impacts the team are fairly concerning because of his role on defense.

Donovan Mitchell would be the perfect guard to pair next to Anthony Davis and LeBron James (if he returns for one more season) and the Lakers would maintain decent depth around that big three. Additionally, the Lakers would still have future draft picks to use in 2026, 2028, and 2030, so it is not like the entire future is mortgaged.

Sure, the Lakers run the risk of Mitchell leaving for New York after just one season in LA but if he wins a championship that won't matter much. It would have been worth it.

Cleveland Cavaliers grade: B

This is a fair return for one year of Mitchell and it definitely is enough to get a deal done. In a perfect world, however, the Cavaliers would be able to get four first-round picks for Mitchell as that seems to be the going rate for megastars.

Mitchell isn't quite that so three picks seem fair. Cleveland would probably want picks that the team can use earlier but with the Lakers' age, those 2029 and 2031 picks could end up being very valuable.

There absolutely is a world in which another team comes over the top and offers more than the Lakers. There also could be a situation where a team trades a player who is already more established than Reaves and Hachimura to help the Cavaliers remain in playoff contention with Evan Mobley.

But at the end of the day, if this is the offer the Cavaliers have to take then they cannot be mad at it. It definitely should be enough to move Mitchell if that is what it comes to.

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