Grade the Trade: Lakers land flawed superstar in wild blockbuster proposal

LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers
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Laying out the trade with the Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have two point guards as their two best players, a roster-building mistake that has not improved over time. Dejounte Murray and Trae Young were a poor fit from the beginning and their inability to occupy the same backcourt continues to be an issue when one or the other is not sidelined due to injury.

The Lakers could elect to trade for Dejounte Murray, a move they reportedly considered at this year's Trade Deadline. Whichever point guard the Hawks keep will be off-limits, but the other player will be fair game for robust trade offers. Murray has decent size at 6'5" and was onetime a good defender, although his improvement on offense has coincided with a decline on defense.

The player with the higher upside is Trae Young, who just a few seasons ago led the Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals and has a potent combination of shooting and passing ability. The Lakers and Trae Young have been linked in trade rumors multiple times; what would a trade to bring the star guard to Los Angeles look like?

Here is one potential deal:

Trae to Lakers trade

For the Atlanta Hawks, giving up on a player they once thought to be their franchise cornerstone is a significant ask. There are few players in the league with his passing vision and his audacious shot-making draws fans and adds excitement. Yet it's very possible the Hawks decide to trade Young and keep Dejounte Murray this summer.

In that case, is this trade workable for them? They get a young guard in Austin Reaves who is a better secondary fit with an on-ball star, so pairing Murray and Reaves should make a lot more sense than Murray and Young. Gabe Vincent missed most of this past season but is a solid backup point guard to slot in behind Murray. Rui Hachimura brings offense punch to an offensively-challenge frontcourt.

None of those players are true difference makers, however, and Reaves' star has fallen a bit after a standout season last year. The three first-round picks are what make this deal sing for Atlanta, especially given the age of LeBron and the health track record of Anthony Davis. The Hawks can no longer hope for the sun and moon in exchange for Young, so this deal is plenty generous from their standpoint and likely the best offer they would receive.

What about the Lakers - do they make this trade?