3 potential Los Angeles Lakers trade packages with the Utah Jazz

Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz
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The Los Angeles Lakers are primed to make a move at the 2024 NBA trade deadline and there are a littany of potential trade targets for the team to explore. From big to small, there are many different avenues the Lake Show can explore to improve the roster for an NBA Finals push.

Certain games against specific opponents before the deadline may help the Lakers make a decision as well. If a particular trade target thrives against LA then that could swing the front office on acquiring them. After all, this is the front office that signed Skylar Mays to a two-way deal after he torched them in November.

Saturday night's opponent, the Utah Jazz, is going to be a seller at the trade deadline and has some intriguing potential targets for Lakers fans to keep an eye on. Here are some potential trade packages that could stem from Saturday night.

1. Lakers trade for Kris Dunn

Kris Dunn

The first trade package of the article is by far the smallest one. Kris Dunn is a backend rotation player while Maxwell Lewis is a rookie who is not getting any playing time as a second-round pick. Trades like this do not move mountains, but they could still be impactful.

Dunn, at his core, is exactly the kind of player who the Lakers should be targeting. He is a fantastic point-of-attack defender and can knock down threes at a consistent rate, especially as an off-ball shooter.

Dunn is shooting 41.3% from three in 1.5 attempts per game over the last two seasons and has a Defensive Box Plus/Minus of 1.8. To put that number into perspective, Dunn ranks fifth in DPBM among guards with at least 500 minutes played this season. He is one spot below Alex Caruso.

If the Lakers are unable to get Caruso then they could get Dunn as a poor man's version of him. Dunn would not be able to play as many minutes as Caruso but he is someone who could give the Lakers a very impactful 15-18 minutes per night.