3 potential Los Angeles Lakers trade packages with the Utah Jazz

Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz
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2. Lakers trade for Kelly Olynyk

Of the three packages in this article, this Kelly Olynyk trade might be the best. This is the perfect blend of getting someone who can be very impactful on the Lakers while getting him at a good price. Olnynk is not the best player the Lakers can acquire from Utah but he might just be the best fit.


Los Angeles has struggled to find a big that actually fits well next to Anthony Davis even though the blueprint is there. Nikola Jokic recently admitted that the toughest matchup he has ever faced was in 2020 when the Lakers had Dwight Howard and JaVale McGee to throw at him so the team needs to replicate that.

Olynyk is not exactly like those two players but adding him would give the Lakers a reliable five that could play next to Davis as well as when he is off the floor. The perfect center for the Lakers is someone who can space the floor on the offensive end but still hold his own defensively near the rim. Olynyk can do those two things.

So why is the price so cheap? Olynyk is on an expiring contract and bigs in general are worth less than they used to be in the league. Utah would be happy to get whatever it can for three months of Olynyk's services, including a pair of future second-round picks.

Does Olynyk drastically increase the Lakers' title odds? No. But if he were to be paired with one other addition then it would be a great trade deadline for the purple and gold.