3 potential Los Angeles Lakers trade packages with the Utah Jazz

Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz
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3. Lakers trade for Jordan Clarkson

If the Lakers wanted to make a bigger splash with the Jazz then Jordan Clarkson could be on the table. Lauri Markannen is the biggest trade asset the Jazz have but it seems unlikely that he gets moved this season. Even if he does, the Lakers do not have nearly enough to acquire him.

That leaves Clarkson as the biggest potential Utah trade chip for Los Angeles to acquire. If that deal were to happen, it would likely look as follows:


If the Jazz have taught us anything it is that they will not take a cheap package for someone who the team covets. So while Clarkson is on the trade block, the Lakers are not going to be able to acquire him for a very cheap price.

The asking price for Clarkson is at least one first-round pick and it would not be surprising if a desperate team offers two. With that in mind, the Lakers would likely have to package their 2023 first-round pick, Jalen Hood-Schifino, along with a future protected first to make it happen.

The only first the Lakers can trade is in 2029 and the team would be smart to protect it. In a perfect world, the Lakers could work out a deal that gives the pick the same protections as the 2027 first that Utah owns the rights to. If the pick doesn't convert, Utah can get a second-round pick in 2029, instead of it rolling over to 2030.

That might be a tough sell but either way, the pick should have some protections. Utah still gets a good return for Clarkson, who is a big name but has some holes in his game that will ultimately cap his price at a certain amount.

Does this trade drastically change things for the Lakers? Maybe not. Clarkson might not be much different from D'Angelo Russell in this system. But if the Lakers are keen on moving on from Russell and want a guard who can score, Clarkson can be that guy.

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